Why i-Neighbour?

Why i-Neighbour?
In many residences, the visitors have to wait in long queue to register and sign the visitor book manually at reception. Although this kind of visitor enrolment method is perceived as fast and easy, but it does not secure visitor information and anyone who is using the log book can access the visitor data easily. In today’s security conscious environments, it is important for residence management to manage and track their visitors without sacrificing the security of visitor information .

i-Neighbour cloud-based residential & visitor management system gives a more professional and user-friendly interface for visitor to register, protect visitors’ information, and ease the process of collecting and auditing visitor data. i-Neighbour also helps you to keep watching on every visitors who enter and exit your premises and manage visitor traffic in your buildings.

i-Neighbour caters for different role functions that include administrators, residents, visitors and security officers, with the respective friendly user-interface in both PC and Mobile App, for Android and iOS devices.

We welcome residential committees to join us; we also welcome developers or property management companies that build and manage multiple communitys to register with us as resellers.

i-Neighbour realizes that managing the influx of visitors to your residential areas is not an easy feat. Our solution offers a visitor management system, powered by state-of-the-art cloud technology that can effectively manage the problem.

Get our 1 month free trial, and the investment would be miniscule compared to its vast benefits.